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Camella Aklan is one of the premier residential hubs located near the Metro Aklan, keeping you close to the key places of interest, including churches, business hubs, tourist destinations, shopping centers, hotels and schools. Camella, one of the top developers in the country is able to master plan a self-contained community that has it all!

It has developed this property with all the modern and comfortable facilities and amenities for the modern homeowner.   Check out the following for a few of the best features of this residential hub.

For events and occasions, including birthdays, Christmas parties, community gatherings and other special occasions, there is the spacious and lovely clubhouse where to meet and spend some time with new neighbors and friends. It is one of the top features. The developer has ensured of this venue to add an interactive and social element in the property. They have envisioned a harmonious community where everyone will have the chance to socialize and interact with their neighbors.

For security, this property has a 24-hour security system, ensuring everyone’s peace of mind. This is one of the most important considerations when finding a new property. You should check on the security feature to ensure that you and your family, along with your belongings and assets, will be protected from intruders and outsiders.

For relaxation, there is a swimming pool at Camella Aklan, ensuring that everyone will have a place to relax and enjoy during the scorching and unforgiving summer.  Families and friends can spend a great time in this large swimming pool, which is designed and created to add relaxation and ensure everyone will have a wonderful time in the premises.

Residents who are into active lifestyles, losing weight, keeping fit and simply exercising will love the bike trails and basketball court. With such, you and your friends will have the chance to enjoy your favorite sports while keeping yourselves healthy and fit. Healthy lifestyle is another feature that Camella prioritized in master planning this vibrant community.

To feel closer to nature and appreciate the lush natural settings, Camella also has pocket gardens and parks. Aside from incorporating modern amenities and facilities for a great living, the developer also ensured that you would not miss the great natural surroundings that Aklan has to offer.  It has developed this housing community with wide and open spaces, landscaped gardens and lush greens.

For children’s enjoyment and entertainment, there are playgrounds in the property. They can enjoy their outdoor games and activities under the sun and be more active with new friends and neighbors, instead of only playing with their mobile devices. Children can develop their social and interactive skills at a young age and feel more at home in this self-contained community where everyone can live harmoniously.

Residents can also take advantage of the commercial area, where to find and buy many of their needs and supplies. This is one of the best features of Camella Aklan that makes it a standout among the rest. The developer has made sure that you will be close to everything you need to live a modern and convenient life.

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